Some see a disease and search for solutions. We explore the mechanisms that cause diseases, identify the targets, and develop novel small molecules that restore normal function. The ARMGO approach uses fundamental scientific discovery to open new doors to the treatment of debilitating disorders—  
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Rycals®: The next big thing in small-molecules

An inspiring new direction in therapy for the leading causes of morbidity and mortality, Rycals are small-molecule therapeutics developed in the laboratory of Dr. Andrew R. Marks at Columbia University in New York, NY. Specifically, Rycals are calcium release channel stabilizers that show great promise in the treatment of debilitating cardiac and skeletal muscle and neurological disorders.

Signaling a new chapter in restorative function

In chronic debilitating diseases (eg, heart failure, muscular dystrophy, neurodegenerative disorders), activation of stress pathways causes post-translational RyR modifications such as PKA-phosphorylation, oxidation and/or nitrosylation, which in turn causes Calstabin™ to dissociate from the ryanodine receptor channel, resulting in leaky calcium channels. When calcium is continuously leaked—rather than released in natural, highly regulated processes—contraction of heart and skeletal muscle is weakened and neurologic function is impaired.

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